Fire /Lightning Disasters and Disaster Volunteers Groups (DVG’s) Department is the unit that carries out the day to day activities of NADMO with regards to the management of fire and lightning disasters. Fire Disaster may be explained as a disaster, whose intensity and dimension is beyond the capability of normal fighting arrangement, resulting in unusual loss of lives, property and damage to environment.

Fire outbreaks are a daily occurrence and cover the following:

  • Domestic
  • Bush / Wild and EcologicalMarket Fires
  • Industrial / Commercial
  • Fires caused by lightning


  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) at the community level, through livelihood development activities, training and other adaptation programmes.
  • Performing all duties and assignments referred by the National Coordinator.
  • Organizing meetings of the Technical Committee on Fires and Lightning and serve as secretary.
  • Ensuring implementation of the decisions of the Technical Committee on Fires and Lightning.
  • Monitoring and evaluating incidence(s) of fires and fire hazards and reporting to the National Coordinator and the Technical Committee on Fires and Lightning, for advice.
  • Ensuring the drawing and implementation of the Annual Plan of Action of the Fires and Lightning/DVGs unit.
  • Collation of information for writing and submission of situational, quarterly and annual reports of the department to the National Coordinator.
  • Assisting in the provision of relief and recovery programmes/packages for victims of fire disasters in collaboration with the Relief and Reconstruction unit.
  • Ensuring the formation of community based Disaster Volunteer Groups (DVGs) by all NADMO Secretariats in the country.
  • Assisting the Monitoring Evaluating Research Information and Training department (MERIT) to develop training manuals and programmes for enhancement of the capacity of the Disaster Volunteer Groups (DVGs)
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the DVG’s as agents for Climate Change Risk Management (CCRM) and vehicles for mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction.